One-day Workshops & Seminars
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a tool that will help managers and leaders capitalize on the strengths of their teams to achieve tangible results. This one-day workshop incorporates interactive discussions, exercises, and real-world scenarios to help participants explore the positive impact Emotional Intelligence can provide teams to assure success. Upgrade your workshop experience with:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Assessment (individual) or EQ 360 Assessment (team) to be taken online prior to the workshop

  • Individual/Team Assessment Report

  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching session (delivered post course)

  • Development of a personalized tactical action plan

Stakeholder Engagement

Project management entails juggling the project objectives of time, cost, scope and quality. Project Managers must also proactively engage with their stakeholders engagement efficiently and effectively throughout the project life cycle to ensure project success. This interactive workshop is designed will integrate content presentation, team exercises, project tool application, and interactive discussion. Workshop attendees will learn how to:


  • Define Project Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Explain the value of stakeholder engagement;

  • Apply best practices to develop a project stakeholder engagement plan;

  • Evaluate the value of implementing stakeholder engagement best practices for ones’ projects.


Change Management

Change is everywhere -- and, the importance of managing change both effectively and successfully depends on a myriad of factors. Proactively planning for change is just as relevant as effectively managing unexpected changes affecting projects from a variety of factors. This interactive workshop integrates content presentation, team exercises, and interactive discussions. Workshop attendees will learn how to: 


  • Define Project Change Management;

  • Explain the purpose of change management;

  • Apply best practices to develop a project change management plan;

  • Analyze the impact of changes on a project;

  • Evaluate the value of implementing change management best practices for ones’ projects.

Cybersecurity for the Non-technical Program Manager


The ability to secure information within a modern enterprise—large or small—is a growing problem. Threats to information security are global, persistent, and increasingly sophisticated. Long gone are the days when managers could hope to secure the enterprise through ad-hoc means. Effective information security at the enterprise level requires participation, planning, and monitoring. It is an ongoing effort that requires management and staff to work together from the same script. Fortunately, the information security community has developed a variety of resources, methods, and best practices to help modern enterprises address the challenge. 


This seminar is designed to inform managers at government agencies and government contractors supporting them of the requirements for security and privacy. The instructor will define the role of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and tie them all together in such a way that even the non-technical Program Manager will understand. The seminar will be highly informative, include open discussion of current information security news and events, and provide attendees with a foundational understanding and importance of various cybersecurity mandates and guidelines.


Specifically, attendees will:

  • Become informed of requirements posited by the federal government for security and privacy

  • Learn the role of FISMA mandates along with FIPS 199 and FIPS 200 guidelines

  • Understand NIST’s special publications 800-37 and 800-53 and why they are developed

  • Learn about common security attacks and concerns

  • Become familiar with countermeasures and defenses regarding these breaches

  • A comprehensive approach will be taught including where NIST fits into The application of common-sense solutions will be discussed

Interactive Workshops and Seminars

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