Our investment in our network of experts, streamlined processes, and rewards for continuous improvement yields a great recipe for success for our clients . . . and a positive experience right from the start.  

Essential Assets Group's Main Office Building
Who We Are

Essential Assets Group, Inc. is a forward-thinking, women-owned small business focused on helping the government and organizations improve their people, processes, and technologies to best accomplish their mission-critical goals creating a more sustainable organization.

How We're Different

Essential Assets Group, Inc. was founded on the belief that enabling talented personnel to advance their knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding of organizational needs will result in sustainable growth for the organization. We have invested in building a strong foundation of subject matter experts (SMEs) who specialize in their respective areas. It is our vast network of specialists which allows us to identify the right experts and resources to support each client’s unique requirements.

Today's environment requires the workforce to have a strong combination of soft skills, technical competencies and a specialization in the practical skills required to perform at their best and in the most efficient way. Through our premier network of specialists, we identify the most appropriate subject matter experts (SMEs) to lead training programs and custom projects in specialties across the information assurance spectrum. Our SMEs are industry-leading IT professionals each with more than 20 years' experience in their specialty. Each one is able to provide expertise on management, technical or methodologies as well as the application behind the people, processes and tools in their industry.


Our leadership is involved throughout the life cycle from needs assessment through execution. Through our network of partners and IT industry specialists, we ensure that each one of our relationships are built strong from the beginning and are supported for growth. 

About Essential Assets Group, Inc.