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About Essential Assets Group, Inc.

Who We Are

Essential Assets Group specializes in helping teams and leaders transform the way they work increasing productivity, improving performance, and developing valued critical skills through experiential workforce development programs and targeted micro consulting services.


Our team is guided by our mission to advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of today's diverse workforce to address tomorrow's challenges. Our core competency in designing, developing, and delivering workforce development training programs and services helps bridge the gap between technical competencies and professional skills ensuring our client's intended value-driven outcomes and results are achieved.

A people-centric culture creates a strong foundation for a transformation-ready culture and openness for continuous improvement of goal-inspired processes and technologies. We invite you to learn more about our Essential Assets Group Solutions Framework and ask us about our Five-Phase Training Approach

How We're Different

Today's environment requires the workforce to have a strong combination of professional skills, technical competencies, and a specialization in the practical skills required to perform at their best and in the most efficient way to deliver to strategic priorities.


Essential Assets Group was founded on the belief that enabling talented personnel to advance their knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding of organizational needs will result in sustainable growth for the organization. We invite engagement and conversation upfront. And, for each client engagement, we'll identify the most appropriate subject matter experts (SMEs) from our Premier Network of Specialists to lead training programs, micro consulting initiatives, and SME advisory programs -- with the ability to scale as needed. Our team has also partnered with like-minded organizations to deliver powerful solutions to our clients.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Essential Assets Group is true to our mission, vision, and values -- every day. 



To advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of today's diverse workforce
while preparing them to effectively address tomorrow's challenges


To create a thriving learning culture for our clients enabling them to become the experts
they want to be and to motivate them to excel at what they do best.

Core Values

Essential Assets Group operates its internal conduct and relationships
with customers and partners through its core values: 





Customer-driven Excellence

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