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Our Approach

It all begins with a conversation. Our specialized workforce development programs and micro consulting services are designed to help our client's see true outcomes and measurable results such as increased efficiency, improved effectiveness, and accelerated optimization priorities while decreasing cost and risk. 


Essential Assets Group’s Solution Framework provides a consistent, structured approach to defining value-added solutions. Starting with the integrated people, process, and technology foundation, we build-out areas of expertise as Functional Domains with corresponding outcomes and continue by integrating the three Strategic Components into the Framework to build a comprehensive solution. 

All our workforce development training programs and leadership training programs follow our Five-phase Training Approach

Solutons Framework
People Domain


Developing the skillset of leaders and teams across the People Domain improved performance and effectiveness and supports alignment of strategy and operations. This domain addresses such topics as:

  • Leading Change

  • Leading People

  • Driving Results

  • Business Acumen

  • Building Coalitions

  • Professional Skills  

People Domain
Process Domain


​Applying standards and best practices from the Process Domains increases efficiency and drive operational excellence while addressing change, quality, and the need for continuous improvement as the foundation for transformation. This domain addresses such topics as: 

  • Project Management

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Business Process Improvement/Management & Workflow Efficiency

  • Service Management & Continuous Improvement

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Team Effectiveness

Process Doman
Technology Domain


​The Technology Domains accelerate optimization while aligning digital transformation and strategy addressing topics such as:

  • Process-Technology Integration

  • Cloud & Cybersecurity

  • Data Analytics & Innovation

  • People Engagement

Technology Doman

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