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Skillbuilder Webinar Series

and Virtual Events

Webinars and Virtual Events 

Essential Assets Group launched a Skillbuilder Webinar Series. In addition to our virtual events, you can read our blog posts, view our archived webinars, and check out our events calendar.


Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Feedback -- Even Virtually 

Speaker: Ms. Susan Schwartz, PMP, EQ-i 2.0 Facilitator, Lego(R) Serious Play(R) Facilitator 


Working virtually may become the new normal for many professionals. Managing remote teams is decidedly more complicated, especially when managing team meetings and project status checks to assure project work continues successfully. Providing formal and informal feedback remotely can be tricky.


In this 30-minute session, Ms. Susan Schwartz will introduce several tips to help you provide constructive feedback by navigating opposing opinions, varying emotions, bad behavior, and silence to keep the virtual meeting on track. Your ability to harness your emotional intelligence is a vital skill for providing effective feedback to remote working teams. 


Ask the Experts: A Conversation on Real-World Risk Management

Panelists: Dr. Douglas Brown, Mr. Carl Pritchard, and Mrs. Susan Parente

Moderated by: Alison Gonzalez, PMP


Today’s digital economy creates the opportunity for an exponential number of projects, new job roles, and means of collaboration. It also creates a need to look at project risk management from a new perspective. Applying risk management processes to projects is no longer acceptable to be a simple exercise done in isolation, it must be integrated across the organization’s decision-making processes to ensure all angles are considered.

Join Essential Assets Group in welcoming a panel of truly passionate Risk Management Experts for an engaging conversation on applying risk management principles for today’s real-world scenarios and ensuring relevance throughout an organization’s decision-making process.

The panelists will discuss risk aspects such as:

  • Why is risk management different today?

  • What lessons are frequently learned the hard way?

  • How can project managers avoid the obvious mistakes?

Call us at (571) 418-8570 or email


Navigating the New World of Project Management -- with Agility


Co-speakers: Mr. Mark Tolbert and Mrs. Susan Parente

Recorded: September 15, 2020

Video Length: 60 minutes


Today’s economic reality presents challenges that require organizations to be innovative and resilient ensuring transparency across virtual project teams. With an open mindset, teams can create, or re-energize, products and services enabling successful outcomes.


Project managers who embrace the inevitable changes may be more driven to one of the Agile methodologies. Yet, the best methodology for a specific scenario may not be one distinct approach, but a hybrid approach encompassing Agile, Kanban, Lean, or even Waterfall – especially with mid-sized or large, complex projects.


Join Essential Assets Group in welcoming Subject Matter Experts, Mark Tolbert and Susan Parente, to a one-hour virtual event which will share pragmatic ways to meet the adaptive challenges of today's virtual workplaces while keeping customers top of mind. Mark and Susan will discuss:


  • Why Traditional (Waterfall) approaches are still relevant

  • Why Agile is so important today, and how Agile helps solve a number of common risks

  • Why a Hybrid approach is necessary today

  • Stigmas associated with “Scrumdamentalists”


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