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Working with State & Local Government Agencies and Educational Institutions

Meeting and Exceeding State, Local and Education (SLED) Market Requirements


We provide State & Local Government Agencies with specialized
IT training and consulting services to improve collaboration and
productivity throughout the agency and across agencies.

About Essential Assets Group, Inc

DUNS Number: 08-093-8271 

Small, Women and Minority Owned (SWaM-Certified): Small, Micro, and

eVA Registration: Active

Ariba Network: Active

Contract Vehicles

Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing
Professionals (VASCUPP) Contract
(Cooperative Agreement), 
 - Strategic Support Services, University of Virginia,   Contract #UVA-AGR-SVC-00090

Commodity Codes

91830 – Computer Network Consulting

91838 – Education and Training Consulting

91871 – IT Consulting

91883 – Organizational Development Consulting

91888 – Quality Assurance/Control Consulting

91890 – Strategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services

92400 – Educational/Training Services

92416 – Course Development Services, Instructional/Training

92440 – Instructor-led, Classroom Training (Technical)

92441 – Instructor-led, Classroom Training (Non-technical)

92486 – Vocational Training

95868 – Support Services, Management

95877 – Project Management Services

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