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Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a business process improvement methodology designed to eliminate problems, remove waste and inefficiency, and improve deliverables for the customer.

About the Course

Lean Six Sigma is a business process improvement methodology which combines the tools, methods, and principles of Lean and Six Sigma to improve an organization's operations. It is important to understand to what level of Lean Six Sigma education and/or certification is required as well as whether you're interested in project-based certification or require an exam-based certification.

There are 7 modules in the Lean Six Sigma Pathway:

- Awareness.

- White Belt. A team member with introductory level six sigma knowledge who understands the structure and goals of Lean Six Sigma and typically works on problem-solving issues within a project.

- Yellow Belt. A project team member who understands basic Lean Six Sigma concepts and principles and participates in reviewing process improvements opportunities.

- Green Belt. A project team member who starts and manages Lean Six Sigma projects using analytical tools, DMAIC, and lean principles to lead Green Belt projects and assists with data collection and analysis for Black Belt level projects.

- Black Belt. A full-time project team leader who has advanced Lean Six Sigma expertise and leads problem-solving projects and is able to train and coach project teams.

- Master Black Belt. Functions at the Six Sigma program level responsible for working with stakeholders to identify gaps and select projects, lead Lean Six Sigma implementation, manage culture change and is able to train and coach black belts and green belts toward certification.

- Executive Champion. The executive leader who supports change and develops a Lean Six Sigma culture -- selecting projects, removing barriers for project teams, and driving the initiative.

Inquire for details and let us help you determine where you need to be based on your goals.

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