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Build a Better Trained, More Confident Workforce.

We help teams develop valued technical and leadership skills through interactive and engaging training programs and workshops. Gain knowledge and practical skills. 

Training & Consulting Services

We specialize in enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of today's workforce by developing both technical competencies and leadership skills to build a better trained, more confident workforce and ultimately creating a more sustainable organization.


Explore our website to learn more about our knowledge-based training programs, our certification-based training programs, and our consulting services.

Our Capabilities

Cybersecurity Training and Consulting_Essential Assets Group

Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Improve the security posture of your organization's data, networks, and systems and ensure your IT personnel are cyber experts to support all their clients.

Governance and ITSM Training and Consulting_Essential Assets Group

Governance &
IT Service Management

Create and optimize processes through learned principles, tools, and practices by establishing frameworks and implementing processes.

Program and Business Management, Leadership Training and Consulting_Essential Assets Group

Training and consulting services to enable your personnel to improve the management of your team's programs, projects, processes, and overall organizational growth. 

Program & Business Management

Professional Development Training_Essential Assets Group

Knowledge-based Training Programs

Customized training programs to meet your unique needs and best optimize your people, processes, and technologies. 

Assessments, Coaching, and Consulting_Essential Assets Group

& Consulting

Our network of Subject Matter Experts collaborate with clients to lead assessments, coaching, and project-based assignments.  

Certification Training Portfolio_Essential Assets Group

Certification-based Training Programs

Develop the knowledge and skills of your workforce to enhance capabilities, improve performance, or meet compliance requirements. 

Our Experience

Working with Federal DoD Clients_Essential Assets Group

Federal Government & the Department of Defense (DoD)

We understand the process and requirements of working with the Federal Government to help divisions achieve their mission-critical goals.

Working with State Local and Education Clients_Essential Assets Group

State & Local Government and Education

We provide  specialized IT training and consulting services to help improve collaboration and productivity throughout the agency and across departments

Working with Government Contractors and Corporations_Essential Assets Group

Commercial Market &
Government Contractors

We help organizations develop their workforce to achieve optimum efficiency for their internal and external customers to best leverage the organization's competitive advantages






“Essential Assets Group has been providing high-quality, customized, and affordable training services for us for a couple years now. They work hard to understand our specific requirements and have consistently delivered relevant and engaging training courses for our employees. They’re always willing to go the extra mile to create positive learning experiences, ensuring our employees have a sufficient level of comprehension that puts them in the best position for both exam success as well as on-the-job proficiency. Highly recommended!” 

--Russ R., Training Manager for a Leading Government IT and Engineering Solutions Provider in the Washington, D.C. area